DanEDU Localizer

The localization consists of several elements, choose to download and install the item or items as needed.

DanEDU Content (Autodesk Revit)
Content is constantly being developed, taking into account that students must be able to use it as an inspiration for how to make their own content. Content which are included, is not meant as a catalogue, but as an educational guideline. In generally, is content and template made to cover newly started students so that they can withstand trough basic courses, until they get the grip of making their own content.
The template is based on "DefaultMetric.rte" and discipline templates for RAC, RST and RME. The template contains as few objects as possible, not to create more confusion than necessary. If more content is needed in a project, this can be loaded via the libraries, which also are installed and/or find content elsewhere, until content can be produced as needed. All content is developed using English terms and parameters!

Revit 2023: DanEDU_Content_2023.exe (~134 MB)
Revit 2022: DanEDU_Content_2022.exe (~136 MB)
Revit 2021: DanEDU_Content_2021.exe (~131 MB)
Revit 2020: DanEDU_Content_2020.exe (~118 MB)

Example Collection (Autodesk Revit)
There is also produced an example collection which can be installed (being located in the "Documents").
It contains Revit project-files with collections of walls, floors, roofs, stairs, etc. that can be used for inspiration. This also applies schedules, reports, etc.

Revit 2023: DanEDU_Example_2023.exe (~67 MB)
Revit 2022: DanEDU_Example_2022.exe (~66 MB)
Revit 2021: DanEDU_Example_2021.exe (~66 MB)
Revit 2020: DanEDU_Example_2020.exe (~74 MB)

DanEDU Layers (Autodesk AutoCAD)
The tool is designed for students to have access to a layer-structure via the menu bar in AutoCAD. The layer-structure is based on Ibb (Bips) Layer structure 2000, ISO 13567 and National Cad Standards (NCS). Focusing on transporting models and drawings between AutoCAD 2D and BIM computational design tools. If there are any problems with the installation, please see the help guidance (in Danish!).

Autocad: DanEDU_Layers.exe

DanEDU Estimate (Sigma)
Templates are designed for students to create price libraries/recipe libraries and cost estimates.

Sigma: DanEDU_Estimate.exe